Why Introvert Writers Have An Advantage

Introverts are a great personality type to become a published author. 

Sometimes I think we get lost in a world where to be an introvert is to be shunted to the back of the room to make way for the exciting words coming out of the mouths of extroverts.

Because introverts are loners by nature,  they do not feel the need to stand out and be noticed.

Often called shy or reserved, introverts prefer their own thoughts and reflections to social interaction.

They would rather be shunted to the back of the room because that gives them room to watch the interaction of all the others in the room.

So why do introverts make such good writers?

Introverts Prefer Solitude

Writing is a solo endeavor and it takes solitude to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s just you and the words on your paper.

Introverts like nothing better than solitude and they can spend hours alone and feel great.

While extroverts prefer to be in the thick of things, introverts thrive in an environment that allows the quiet they crave.

Sitting in front of a computer writing out their thoughts is like a party is to extroverts.

As they get deeper into their own thoughts, introverts can become more creative and develop whole detailed worlds from their imagination.

Writing Is Better Than Speaking

Introverts prefer to write out their thoughts and feelings rather than talking to others about them because conversations are laced with too much small talk and they hate small talk.

While a meaningful deep conversation is right up their alley, they prefer to write things out because it allows them time to reflect on their thoughts before putting their thoughts into words.

Introverts often already do a lot of writing just so that they can analyze the feelings they have.

Because their written observations are so detailed, they are excellent at writing character descriptions that are deep and meaningful.

Introverts Are Keen Observers

Standing in the back of a room watching others interact gives the introvert insight into human interactions.

The observations are filed away and can be brought forth when they attempt to understand how or why people react to their world.

Because of their ability to recall these details, they can use this insight to create realistic characters and scenes that border on genius.

They create whole worlds with depth and detail entirely in their own imaginations.

This gives them the power to keenly and often accurately summarize how people around them interact with each other and the world in which they live.

They see small things that others might miss.

Because writing relies on getting enough details to make the story seem real, this is a perfect example of how introverts can be effective writers.

Writing Organizes Their Thoughts

Any introvert can tell you what it feels like to have constant ideas and thoughts scrambling for real estate in their brains.

By writing, they organize and see their thoughts as a visual simulation and can jump from one idea to another, picking up where they left off.

When an introvert can organize their thoughts, they can expand on each individual idea rather than have them constantly moving in and out of consciousness.

Introverts Love Research

Introverts can delve deeply into research with glee.

They love the knowledge base this gives them, and it combines their love of solitude, especially if they are in a library or archive section of the local town hall.

They prefer knowing what they are writing or talking about before putting the words to paper.

Because of this, their depictions of scenes or history facts are often spot on and accurate. 

When writing non-fiction this trait is a must.

Introverts Make Good Proofreaders

Studies have shown that Introverts are highly aware of the things they read. Because of this, they begin to stumble when reading written words that are incorrectly used or punctuation is somehow lacking.

Most introverts will stop reading a book or article immediately if there are too many grammatical or typographical errors in the opening paragraphs.

They are often called grammar Nazis in online forums because they cannot let the errors go and will often call them out.

Their writing reflects this because they are ultra-careful to check spelling and punctuation.

This does pose a problem however when they are writing because they tend to be perfectionists and keep changing the wording or sentence structure until they feel it is perfect.

This creates issues while they are writing because it takes longer for them to come to a completed work.

Introverts Write Often

Introverts make great writers because they have done it for as long as they can remember.

If you talk for very long to an introvert, you will find that they often wrote from an early age.

Writing out their feelings has always been a way to cope, and that is why all the introverts I know have a secret journal that they never intend for anyone else to read.

Some introverts have even created their own version of a novel or started a novel as teenagers because they felt an urgency to get their thoughts on paper.

Once they began to write, their imaginations took over, and their written world became more vibrant and detailed, leading to more and more writing.

They became comfortable in this rhythm even if they never intended to write for a public forum.

Let Your Personality Shine

So if you are an introvert or if you know an introvert who wants to become a published writer, encourage and support them, and they may just surprise you with what they create.

Introverts are deep thinkers giving them a foot up as an author.