Stop The Insanity: Thinking About Writing Isn’t Writing

As a new writer, some people spend a lot of time thinking about writing and what they are going to write.

That is not a bad thing because ideas must come from somewhere.

You can call yourself an author when you publish something even if it is just a blog post because now you have written something for others to read.

Don’t get stuck in the “I am thinking about writing a book” phase and never move past that into the “I finished my first book” phase.

What are some of the ways you can get past the first phase and into the second?  I am so glad you asked that question.

Stop Procrastinating

If you spend all your time trying to think of new ideas or researching to get a lot of ideas together, then you are procrastinating.

Writing a bestseller starts with an idea, but then you must put in some work, and this is the sticking point for some people.

They won’t start writing.  They spend more time on research, and then they get distracted by social media posts or YouTube videos on how to train your cat.

I say this with all affection because I have done the same things.

I have found that actually starting the writing process makes the ideas come faster and faster, but that first word on paper sometimes holds me up.

Stop procrastinating and write.

I am still new to this game just as you are.

Many things go through my mind the instant I open the word processing document and see that blank page.

What The Hell Was I Thinking?

How many of you have thought this when you stare at the blank screen?

Who is going to want to read anything I have to write about?

The answer to this may surprise you in the end because believe it or not, you do matter.  Everyone started new.

Do you know one thing about writing that you could use to help someone staring at another blank screen half-way across the world?

Have you been given one piece of advice that helped you get started writing?  Has anyone inspired you to get started?

Of course, they have, and now it’s your turn to push that advice or inspiration onto a new writer who has even less experience than you do.

Sometimes the easiest place to start is by writing down a few thoughts that instantly come to mind.

Start putting your words on paper today.

Once the page isn’t blank, writing sometimes starts to flow a little more freely and soon you have a page written and you didn’t even realize you had that in you.

I Will Never Be As Good As….(Place Favorite Author Name Here)

How can you possibly know that if you haven’t written anything for anyone to read?

Do you think that Stephen King started as a bestselling author?

No, he did not. His book “Carrie” was rejected 30 times before it was published.

J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was rejected 12 times.  She was even told not to quit her day job in one rejection.

Want to know what separates them from you?  They kept writing.

Even when it was hard, they kept writing day after day.

Rejection isn’t the end of your writing, sometimes it is just the beginning.

Somebody Probably Already Wrote This

You are probably right.  But, did they write your view of it?

Did they write it from your perspective? Of course not.

You are unique and therefore how you write a story will also be unique.

If two writers were handed identical pieces of paper with the same instructions and a goal of 2000 words, they would write two completely different stories.

They started with the same idea, but it is their interpretation of the instructions and their own worldviews that will shape what comes out of those instructions.

This happens in every English Literature Class around the country every day.

One assignment, 25 different essays appear at the deadline.

People Will Judge Me

How do you know if this is a good or bad thing until you actually put the words on paper and hit publish?

Unfortunately, some new writers let this fear get to them and they never publish anything.

They still think about writing the next great novel but never follow through because someone might not like their work.

Have you ever read the comments and reviews for any book on Amazon?

I find it fascinating sometimes. 

If you look for a book with high reviews and then read through them, you will learn a thing or two about judgmental people.

Here is an example of an Amazon book for sale right now. (I do not have any relationship with this author and I have not read this book. I pulled a random book from the list for an example.)

You see over 2300 5-star reviews and then out of nowhere there are over 70 1-star reviews saying it is the worst book ever written.

Well, that author still sold over 4100 copies of that book, didn’t they?

Does the weight of a few negative reviews outrank the other 2300?

I highly doubt that it does.

Stop Thinking About Writing and Start Writing

Start putting words on paper and keep repeating that until you finish.

Stop Thinking About Writing and Write

How will you know when it’s finished?  When the story ends, of course.

You will never end if you don’t start though.  Just do it!

Stop thinking about writing and write.

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