Short Stories

Writing short stories is a good way to help you learn the craft of writing.  As you don’t have to have as much time invested in each piece, you can quickly learn what works and what you should throw out of your toolbox.

Check out these posts for more tips and advice on writing great short stories that will leave readers begging for more.

Get your story hook at the beginning of your story to keep them reading until the end.
Learn These Secrets To Amazing Story Hooks
If you are serious about writing short stories, then you need to become a master of story hooks. There are
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Your short stories should be something worth writing.
9 Secrets You Should Know To Write Great Short Stories
Writing a short story is a great way to learn the craft.  There is a shorter amount of time invested
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Writing short stories is a great way to learn the art of being an author.
Why Should You Write Short Stories?
Short Stories are usually not the first things that writers set out to write because they most often dream of
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