Resources and Tools

There are many resources and tools available online, but many of them can be confusing to find and to use. Here are some of the best online tools to help you with your writing.

Dictation is a fast efficient way to speed up your writing process. What could be easier than talking?
Is Dictating Your Novel Right For You?
Most of us have been taught to type from an early age. In the days of technology, everyone has a
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You will need to think carefully about the dictation equipment you choose to get the best quality out of your dictation.
Dictation Equipment For Any Budget
For best results when dictating, some thought should be put into your choice of equipment and software. Here are a
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You should consider using Dragon software if you are serious about dictating your next writing project.
Is Dragon Dictation Worth The Cost?
There are a lot of voice-to-text applications out right now. Nuance Dragon dictation software is worth considering if you intend
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Scrivener can help you make your next writing project a breeze to organize
9 Reasons You Should Write With Scrivener
Scrivener is a powerful writing app that can help you organize your next writing project.
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