Is Dragon Dictation Worth The Cost?

Dragon Dictation systems are software programs for dictating documents that you need to be productive at home and in your business.

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There are multiple versions of the software depending on your needs for dictation.

I originally began writing just like everyone else by typing on a keyboard and watching the letters pop up on the screen.

Then I got a little older and due to some nerve damage, writing began to be more difficult if I spent long hours at the keyboard.

When I first heard of Dragon Naturally Speaking, it was an upcoming application that still had a lot of kinks to be worked out.

I am not telling my age but that was a long time ago.

It has come a long way in the last few years, and now it is even used by medical professionals as an accurate alternative to the previously used human dictation specialists for charting patient information into medical systems.

Instead of the old way of dictating into a recorder and having someone on the other end listen to it and type it for you, you can now just talk into the software and the words pop up immediately.

So, let’s talk about why this software can help you with writing your next novel.

High Accuracy Rate

Dragon Home v15 has the highest accuracy rate of any dictation software on the market.

It will easily get 95% to 99% accuracy or more as you build your profile, and it becomes accustomed to your speaking style and word choices.

As long as you speak clearly, Dragon will have no difficulty accurately picking up on everything you say into the microphone.

No more will you be trying to remember how to spell words because Dragon just pops it up on the screen as soon as you say it.

Before Dragon, I often caught myself backspacing due to misspelling and trying to correct it as I go.

Flexible When Choosing Word Processing Programs

Whether you use a free word processing program or one of the many word processing programs for sale, Dragon dictation is an excellent addition to get you started.

I found it extremely accurate in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Notepad.

For a writing specific program, I tested Dragon Home v15 in Scrivener and was pleased with the results.

I can recommend using the combination of Dragon Home 15 with Scrivener to make your next novel more streamlined, and the fastest way you have ever written a novel.

For a review of Scrivener, read here.

I didn’t find it to perform better in one over the other of these programs.  Dragon was a solid dictation program in all of these mediums.

Using Voice Commands To Control Your Computer

Not only is Dragon Naturally Speaking great for dictation in a range of applications, but you can also use it to write emails, fill out applications, or even surf the web.

Once you get the hang of talking to your computer, there are many more things you can do with Dragon that makes your life so much easier when it is hands-free.

If are doing your nails, you certainly don’t want to try typing as you let them dry.

Well, with Dragon, you can open or close programs using your voice commands.

You can have complete command of your mouse buttons using nothing more than your voice over the microphone.

This ability is a wonderful thing to have, especially if you have injuries that prevent typing or scrolling for an extended amount of time. 

Playback Your Dictation

Playback Dictation seems to be a little-known feature that I haven’t seen advertised but does need discussion.

Some writers are just not that good at punctuation.  Where do I put that comma in this sentence?

Sometimes reading the sentence out loud to yourself helps find where those missing commas go, but sometimes it takes hearing it read out loud by someone else for you to catch where you should have placed it.

Dragon has a playback feature that allows you to listen to highlighted text to see if the sentence works or if it needs different words or punctuation.

I found this extremely helpful in picking up sentences that did not work well in the writing.

This is not only for documents that you have dictated in Dragon, but also works for documents you have typed.

If you are typing because of too much noise around you, making it hard to dictate, you can still use this playback feature to help you in the editing of your document.

Dragon Professional Upgrade

With an upgrade to the Dragon Professional edition, you can also record podcasts or single person voice recordings and upload them to your dragon profile for it to dictate for you later.

The Dragon Professional edition is the only edition that allows you to work with voice commands in PowerPoint and Excel.

Dragon Professional also allows you to import data files of vocabulary terms frequently used in your business to make emails and business letters easier and faster to dictate.

One Time Purchase Fee

Dragon may eventually go to a subscription fee as many of the more popular applications are, but for now, you buy a one-time license and can use it for your personal computer.

If you want to learn more about what equipment you may need, check out this post.