Fiction Writing

Fiction writers are some of the most creative authors of all.  Not only do they have to develop a story worth reading, but they have to create characters and worlds never before seen.  Stop in here for a few tips to make writing your story a fun exercise rather than a dreaded chore.

Developing a Fictional Language for your new novel is a great way to create immersion and create realism in your world.
Building A Fictional World: Language
Is developing your own fictional language for a novel really necessary?  For most fiction novels that are not fantasy or
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Building A Fictional World: Population
The population of a fictional world should show enough realism to keep your readers' attention. Find out how to show
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It takes a village to help your character grow into a responsible adult and hero. Every village has a few main characters that are essential for your backstory.
It Takes A Village
It takes a village to help your hero become a responsible adult. Learn about some of the characters that make
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Get your story hook at the beginning of your story to keep them reading until the end.
Learn These Secrets To Amazing Story Hooks
If you are serious about writing short stories, then you need to become a master of story hooks. There are
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World-building is an important process to help you get your readers engaged with your writing.
Important World-Building Tips You May Not Know
World–building is oft-times an overlooked part of writing a good story.  Authors spend a good amount of time developing characters,
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Dictation is a fast efficient way to speed up your writing process. What could be easier than talking?
Is Dictating Your Novel Right For You?
Most of us have been taught to type from an early age. In the days of technology, everyone has a
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You will need to think carefully about the dictation equipment you choose to get the best quality out of your dictation.
Dictation Equipment For Any Budget
For best results when dictating, some thought should be put into your choice of equipment and software. Here are a
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You should consider using Dragon software if you are serious about dictating your next writing project.
Is Dragon Dictation Worth The Cost?
There are a lot of voice-to-text applications out right now. Nuance Dragon dictation software is worth considering if you intend
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Character Development is a necessary process that begins before your novel even starts. Don't make these common mistakes when developing your characters.
Common Mistakes New Authors Make In Character Development And How To Avoid Them
Spending time with your character development will pay off in the end if you avoid some common mistakes that new
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Thinking about writing isn't writing.
Stop The Insanity: Thinking About Writing Isn’t Writing
As a new writer, some people spend a lot of time thinking about writing and what they are going to
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Truths no one tells a new author.
7 Truths No One Tells New Authors
Writing your first novel is a dream come true, but there are a few truths that no one ever told
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Your short stories should be something worth writing.
9 Secrets You Should Know To Write Great Short Stories
Writing a short story is a great way to learn the craft.  There is a shorter amount of time invested
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Master these writing skills to become the best author you can be.
5 Skills Every Author Must Have
Every amateur writer wants to become a best-selling author.  They may read all the how-to books on where to publish,
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Scrivener can help you make your next writing project a breeze to organize
9 Reasons You Should Write With Scrivener
Scrivener is a powerful writing app that can help you organize your next writing project.
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Use the outline like a roadmap to get you from your first sentence to your last.
Are You A Pantser or Outliner?
Writing outlines is a part of the writing process that some writers need to keep focused on the task at
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Introverts prefer writing alone.
Why Introvert Writers Have An Advantage
Introverts are a great personality type to become a published author.  Sometimes I think we get lost in a world
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Writing short stories is a great way to learn the art of being an author.
Why Should You Write Short Stories?
Short Stories are usually not the first things that writers set out to write because they most often dream of
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Picking a genre for your book is an important process that you want to do right.
Guide To Genre For The Beginner
When you first start as a writer, you may have a lot of ideas moving around in your head, vying
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Tips To Rid Yourself Of That Pesky Writer’s Block
Writer’s block is something every author dreads.  Every writer knows how it feels to sit staring at that keyboard or
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Getting In the Writing Habit
Getting in the writing habit is something that would seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how
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Every Writer Has A Story
Every writer has a story that they want to introduce to the public.  They see it in their mind’s eye
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6 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Writing
 Fear of writing is a common problem that plagues even the best of writers at times.  The fear is what
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